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ProClean II Push Valve

The ProClean II Push Valve releases flow by applying pressure to the rim of a container requiring the same push force to activate regardless of liquid pressure. The self-flushing feature reduces delays and the inconvenience of valve sticking that may be caused by particulate or chemical build-up, and ensures a clean container that is suitable for recycling and full utilization of the container contents.

The ProClean™ line of tank & container nozzles are designed for more complete & faster cleaning of empty agrochemical containers including jugs & tank. 


ProClean™ II Push Valve is compatible with all ProClean™ series nozzles. Utilize chemically-resistant, acid-resistant and durable PVDF polymer construction. All ProClean™ components utilize hybrid ½” NPT and BSP thread for easy installation.

New ProClean™ II Push Valve will replace the current version of the Push Valve, and is ideally suited to work with the ProClean™, ProClean™ Plus and High Flow ProClean™ series container rinse nozzles.


Forcefield Centrifugal Pump

The Hypro 9310 Series ForceField Wet Seal Technology is designed to protect against today’s harshest chemical and application environments such as; high volume liquid fertilizer application on large capacity sprayers. The technology protects against dry run failures and prevents costly in-season downtime.


The Self-Regulating Seal Chamber actively maintains a pressure differential between the barrier fluid and the pumping solution, which results in longer life and worry free operation. With a maintenance-free operation, users are impressed by how well the pumps run and how there is virtually no chemical and fertilizer bonding failures.

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