You will most likely be aware of the recent announcement by Didier Guillaume, Minister of Agriculture and Food, concerning measures to strengthen zones de non traitement (ZNT).


The announcement offers a budget of EUR30M to farmers towards the costs of using approved drift reducing equipment.


Pentair Hypro ULD nozzle receives 90% Drift Reduction approval for use to reduce the width of zones de non traitement (ZNT)

So it has been a good time for Pentair Hypro to receive information that our ULD ize 04 and 05 nozzles have received the

Réduction de la dérive 90% at 2.5 bar. This is in addition to the GA and GATwin nozzles at 66 or 75%.

Below you will find range of Hypro drift reducing nozzles approved by ZNT.

Significant reduction in drift from coarse air-filled droplets. Suitable for soil-active and translocated foliar sprays on larger targets. The Ultra Lo-Drift is the ideal spray nozzle for use where drift reduction is paramount. Ideal for use with pre-emergence and broad spectrum products.

A proven drift-reducing option. Excellent spray coverage at 3 bar and 100 l/ha water. Slight rear incline helps direct spray downwards to leaves, stembases and weeds. GuardianAIR* air-induction nozzles combine the smallest droplet size with a shallow rear incline to offer excellent target coverage in a wide range of crop spraying applications.

At 3 bar, spray performance is often equivalent to a medium flat fan spray. At lower pressures spray drift is reduced by up to 75% so the balance between spray coverage and drift reduction can be easily adjusted by the operator.

A twin finer air-induction nozzle in integral Fastcap

Twin 30° forward and rearward inclines, based on the finer droplet spray quality of GuardianAIR . Ideal for ear sprays and penetrating into denser crop canopies. All the best things about efficiency, efficacy, and on-target coverage of the GuardianAIR, PLUS a twin spray pattern for the ultimate in coverage.

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