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ULD nozzles receive LERAP 4-Star 90% rating
for drift reduction

Pentair Hypro has received a LERAP 4-star rating for its Ultra Lo-Drift Nozzles; ULD 04 and 05, from the Chemical Regulation Division of the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The recently created 4-Star class corresponds to a reduction of drift of 90% compared to a standard flat fan nozzle.


A 4-Star rating enables spraying when a finer spray might be inappropriate in more marginal conditions and so widens the spraying window for applications to be made. It also offers flexible spraying of Agchem products that are subject to a 5 metre aquatic buffer zone.


The ULD nozzles are the first Hypro nozzles to receive the new 4-Star rating and qualify at pressures from  1 to 5 bar. They have a 120 degree spray angle, helping to maintain distribution at lower boom heights. Their fan pattern is uniquely thick which helps to get good spray coverage regardless of the shape and size of the target.



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