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Learn more about the opportunity for easyconnect Closed Transfer in the Netherlands.


"Future vision crop protection 2030, towards resilient plants and plants cultivation systems"  ...read more


The prototype will be evaluated against the new ISO 21191 standard and has already been approved following JKI testing (approval ref G2134), click to see reference


BASF, Syngenta, Corteva, Adama, Nufarm, and the agrochemical packaging industry to jointly develop a closed transfer system called easyconnect. View press release


Easyconnect Closed Transfer technology consists of two components: a unique screw cap – pre-fitted on an agchem containers – and a coupler that handles the transfer from bottle to sprayer.  The easyconnect system significantly reduces operator exposure and environmental risks from splashing or spilling chemical during loading as well as making it easier for farmers to rinse packaging and will reduce overall sprayer filling time.


Pentair Hypro will be offering the CLEANLOAD NEXUS Coupler to connect to an easyconnect cap, offering farmers a simple, fast and effective way to transfer chemical safety into the sprayer.


By 2021/2022, a broad range of European agchem containers will be equipped with a standardized 63 mm screw cap and made available to farmers in Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with other countries likely to follow.


If you would like to get involved as a distributor, installer or end user of the easyconnect closed transfer system and the CLEANLOAD NEXUS Coupler please complete the contact form LINK and we will keep you informed of developments and alert you when new product and training information is available.