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Drift reducing nozzles

Hypro offer a range of drift reducing nozzles that eliminate the finer droplets that are present with conventional flat fan nozzles reducing spray drift and allowing spraying in more marginal conditions.

Hypro specialize in air induction technology offering a range from coarse droplet options that ensure minimal drift and finer spray quality options that can be successfully used effectively across a much wider spectrum of targets. To see a comparison of spray quality between three different air inclusion nozzles click here.

Hypro nozzles meet many of the European drift classifications.

NEW - Irish STRIPE drift approvals for Guardian Air

GuardianAIR & GuardianAIR Twin

Finer air inclusion nozzles for drift reduction combined with excellent coverage. Two spray configurations suitable for a wide range of targets.
GuardianAIR Datasheet
GuardianAIR Twin Datasheet

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First farmer experience of using GuardianAIR Twin nozzles

Ultra Low Drift (ULD)
Produce a coarse air-filled droplet sutable for soil applications, larger weeds and systemic fungicides to give the widest spraying window. ULD nozzles have JKI ratings for sizes 03 (50%), 04 and 05 (90%).
ULD product datasheet

Work in a different way to air-induction nozzles to the eliminate finer droplets producing a medium/coarse spray quality. Suitable for soil applications, larger weeds and systemic fungicides.
Lo-Drift datasheet

Cereals and Oilseed Rape Nozzle selection chart

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