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Flat fan nozzles

Flat fans are the most commonly used spray nozzle. They produce a range of droplet sizes from coarser to finer depending on pressure which makes them suitable for most agrcochemical applications.


Tapered spray patterns are suitable for overlapping along the boom or even spray patterns for band and knapsack spraying.


Larger nozzle sizes and lower pressures deliver coarser sprays. The spray quality should always be matched as directed on the agrochemical spray label.



New inclined spray nozzle, designed for applying pre-em sprays balancing optimum '3D' coverage with drift reduction. Available in sizes 03 to 06.

Defy 3D nozzle datasheet

Refer to the Syngenta webinar introducing Defy 3D nozzle



Tapered flat fan pattern with mixed droplet spectrum for a wide range of agrochemical applications. Maintains excellent spray distribution over 1-5 bar. Ideal for use with automatic rate control systems. Available in sizes 015 to 06 with spray angles of 80° (suitable for boom heights 60-75 cm) or 110° spray angle (suitable for 35-50 cm). 


Also available as the NEW VPTECH inclined nozzle assembly that inclines the spray by 30°. Ideal for autumn applications to soil or grassweed targets and getting under large canopies.

VP 110° nozzle chart

VPTech nozzle datasheet



Tapered fan pattern with mixed droplet spectrum suitable for a wide range of targets at pressures of 2-4 bar. Available in the widest range of sizes 01 to 20 at 80° & 110° spray angle. Fit most popular bayonet caps. Also available in acid resisting PVDF (03 - 08) . 
Flat fan 110° nozzle chart
Flat fan 80° nozzle chart


An even spray pattern designed for band spray applications of pre and post-emergent herbicides and fungicides. Uniform distribution across the spray width. Ideal for use with knapsack sprayers with most products. Available in 01 to 08 sizes. Evenspray nozzle chart

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