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Hypro Spray Nozzles address the major crop spraying challenges and get the balance between drift reduction and spray coverage right, even on difficult targets such as small grass weeds, tall targets or thick canopies. We research, evaluate and test our nozzles with the world's leading agrochemical and sprayer manufacturers. The Hypro nozzle range includes ESI; six stream liquid fertiliser jet, GuardianAIR; the finest air-induction nozzle and new '3D' nozzle optimised for all over coverage of pre-emergence herbicides and small grass weeds. A range of nozzle bodies are also available with DCV, electric or pneumatic control.


Hypro and Shurflo Pumps feature robust design and durability needed for agricultural use. A range of pressure and flow capability as well as drive options, priming systems and chemical resistance means there is a Hypro or Shurflo pump for every agricultural spraying and fluid transfer application including amenity sprayers, crop sprayers and fluid transfer duties. Hypro centrifugal pumps are uniquely durable, easy to maintain and suited to pumping abrasive and viscous liquids and plumbing is straightforward with no requirement for by-pass systems. The latest pump seal technology offers dry run protection and speed sensing for improved diagnostics.


Hypro offers a wide range of sprayer components including the new ProStop-E electric nozzle body, nozzle caps, tank wash nozzles, tank lids, container cleaning nozzles, filters, valves, knapsack and compression sprayers.

Hypro products are also used by leading companies in a wide range of other industries such as component washing, food processing, car wash, fire protection, line marking, street sweeping, construction and environmental control. quarrying, irrigation and drainage, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, steel making, pulp and paper processing.




Achieves ideal '3D' spray distribution onto the front and back of targets when alternated along the boom. Its drop spectrum has been tailored for maximum coverage of soil clods and grassweeds. It also uniquely offers 60%-75% less drift compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle for more spray days and timely spraying. Defy 3D nozzle is available in sizes of 03, 035, 04, 05 and 06. It is available through Pentair Hypro’s network of UK distributors.


A 12V electric nozzle valve that allows individual nozzles to be rapidly switched on and off for precise matching of spray swaths to virtually eliminate spray overlaps to reduce the overall sprayed area and consequently the agrochemical bill. ProStop-E fits onto a standard nozzle body, such as the Hypro ProFlo, in place of the diaphragm check valve. Combined with the ProStop-E Can Node each valve can be individually actuated along the spray boom with daisy chain wiring between each one fitted by industry standard M12 connections.

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